Harvest Time Church, Full Gospel, PentecostalWelcome to Harvest Time –¬†Full Gospel Church in Tyler, TX

We are a non-denominational, Full Gospel Church, with the identical 16 Tenets of Faith as the Assemblies of God, although we are not affiliated with the Assemblies of God. We are traditional Pentecostals who put a great emphasis on the WORD of God and the moving of the Holy Ghost. Come experience a very warm, friendly, loving church that embraces the lost with a message of repentance and restoration, comforts the hurting and strengthens God’s Soldiers for the spiritual battles that lie ahead!

What is your Spiritual Condition?

Have you become complacent? Please watch this 7 minute video let God talk to your heart. We dedicate this video in memory of 3 soldiers who lived in anguish for the church and the lost! C.L Taylor, B.H Clenndenon, David Wilkerson.